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Unit Conversion Calc.


Standard 1/4" SS-316 tubing are closed at one end, and have a laser drilled hole diameter which is precisely flow calibrated to the sizes and tolerances shown or to within your specific flow rates.

The precision hole is centered to within ± .125 mm and mechanically/optically round to tight Lenox Laser tolerances better than 2 micron.

Flow calibrated 1/4" tubing may be used on 1/4" fitting and valve components for critical flow orifices, gas/liquid separators, molecular beam masks, particle counters and many other mechanical purposes.

A Certificate of Calibration is not included with flow calibrated products. If a Certificate of Calibration is needed, please contact us.


Diameter 1/4"
Centering ±0.125mm
Thickness 0.020"
Length Up to 2"
Orifice Tolerances
Diameter Dia. +/- Flow. +/-
40% 80%
20% 40%
15% 30%
4 - 10µ 10% 20%
12 - 100µ 5% 10%
150µ + 2.5% 5%

Flow calibrated orifices below 10 micron are guaranteed to flow specifications at 15 PSIG and less only.

If higher pressure is required please call for testing and pricing.

Technical Drawings


Each precision orifice is packaged in a clear plastic case, which allows for ease of identification and inspection.