Exact Leaks

Lenox Laser has pioneered new processes for creating test leaks in a diverse range of packages. We are capable of producing holes as small as half a micron.

We develop the standards for calibrated leak integrity testing. Our services are in high demand among pharmaceutical, food, automotive, paper, and safety equipment companies, including many others.

Our metrology is based on a combination of optical and flow methods utilized to manufacture the exact size of an orifice.

Lenox Laser has minimized the human error factor through automation. Our calibrated micro-leaks can range in size from 0.5 microns all the way into the millimeters. We handle composite and pure materials such as plastics, ceramics, metals including other natural or man-made materials.

Standard Microleak Hole Tolerances for Glass and Plastics
Diameter (µ) Tolerances 
5 - 9µ +/- 2µ
10 - 19µ 20%
20 - 50µ 15%
51 - 300µ 10%
301µ + 7.5%


  • Blister Packs
  • Glass Vials
  • Syringes
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Ampoules

Food Mfg

  • Bottles
  • Plastic Multilayer Bags
  • Plastic Containers
  • Can Lids
  • Foil Packaging


  • Hydraulic Brake
  • Gas Tanks
  • Oil Filters


  • Bladders
  • Hydraulic Lines
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