Laser Marking

Our high-precision laser marking systems can etch features such as barcodes, serial numbers, text identifiers, personalizations, and graphics. We specialize in marking all types of metals, plastics, composites, and glass materials.

Quality control engineers have commented that laser-marked components are more easily tracked, do not allow for most marks to be tampered with, and can save companies time and money; particularly when included in systems-integration projects.


Product Development

  • Part Number Identification
  • Directional / Indicator Marking
  • Arrows, Grids, and Logos
  • Non-contact marking for packaging

Optical Components

  • ND Filters
  • Mirrors and Mirror Mounts
  • Tinted / Colored Filter Glass
  • Microscope Slides

Critical Components

  • High Grade Aerospace / Military
  • Electronics / Semiconductors
  • Medical Instruments/Devices
  • Food and Pharmaceuticals

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